Mariam Aslanishvili

Annagul Beschareti

Merve Cansız

Viktor Bone

Elisa Jule Braun

Maithu Bùi

Cherub Harper

Sam W. Harper

Teresa Hoffmann

Jack Hogan

Annkathrin Kluss

Lena Kocutar

Jeanna Kolesova

Franziska König

Daria Kozlova

Can Kurucu

Victoria Martinez

Heiko-Thandeka Ncube

Matthias Planitzer

Bruno Siegrist

Leyla Toprak

Ali Yass


under paving stones, the garden (29.9.2020, 14:00 Uhr)

At this moment of awareness of international socio-political and health crises, which share the common issue of brutal state violence, we are bringing together people with varying experiences of civilian activism for a conversation. Through the sharing of individual experiences, we will investigate the commonalities of civilian actions across different conflict zones; strategies for combating state violence; consequences of direct action; and how participation in the political sphere has changed under COVID-19.

A panel discussion between activists from

Maidan protests /Ukraine/
Gezi Park protests /Turkey/
Rojava resistance /The Autonomous Administration of NES/ Kenosha protests /USA/
Belarusian revolution /Belarus/
Anti-femicide protests /Mexico/
Hong Kong protests /Hong Kong/


ART SCHOOL ALLIANCE (29.9.2020, 17:30 Uhr)

Starting from the premise to make use of the best aspect of the Art School as space for playful exploration, “sparring”, discussion, development, expression, reflection combined with the unique situation offered in Baden-Baden, we present a performative field research driven intervention within the interventions accompanied by a living installation.

Structured and visualized as an open participatory conference concerning and containing the concept of the Art School engaging visitors across participatory actions, performances, expert discussion, field trips and investigations followed by an open conference/ symposium/Stammtisch/Community Assembly. Taking place all day everyday the work aims to make use of the Baden-Baden gathering to discuss needs & expectations of future artists, of local visitors as well as the art institutions.


MUSHROOM ALLIANCE (30.9.2020, 14:00 Uhr)

The mushroom Alliance is occupied with investigating and creating pathways through the process of (de)growing collectively, creating symbiose between different struggles and exchanging resources to keep artistic processes evolving. The interconnectedness of mushrooms is what inspired the conceptual base for thinking about the dynamic of our group during the crisis.

One key aspect of how mushrooms grow and reproduce, is the constant exchange of nutrients and information in a decentralized network, which
enables them to merge with other life forms and connect the realms between life and decay.The mycelium from mushrooms creates an analogy of the form that relations can take, where the base is communal and its movement is flexible to confront the necessities of the context. Being one of the oldest life forms lurking from the sublevels of the ground, we thought that learning from mushrooms could inform us on sustainable ways to relate, grow, de-grow and keep creating.

For the Assembly, Mushroom Alliance will present a teaser that forsees the upcoming film that is to be finalized in January. The teaser will be running in the screen from the cafe of Kunsthalle Baden Baden. Between the smell of mushrooms coming from the kitchen, we’ll see a fictional cooking show intertwined with storytelling, a walk in the forest entangled with memories of Soviet moss, and a subtle glimpse of the endless patterns within the skin of a funghi.